Through the generous support of the Woon Foundation, Northumbria University has established at its Newcastle campus the Woon Gallery of Asian Art. The Gallery houses 47 items from the Woon Foundation’s Collection to support research and public exhibition in the North East of England.

Each item has been selected for its contribution not only to the understanding and application of craft and making but also the relationship of Buddhist Art to culture and religious belief, practice, and devotion, particularly the representation of the divine through physical form and materiality. In selecting items from the Woon Foundation Collection, we have specifically chosen depictions of the Buddha from different cultures and periods in order to bring a fresh perspective on the interpretation of Asian and Buddhist Art. The collection will be used as an education and research resource and will support the City’s Cultural Strategy.

Professor Andrew Wathey CBE, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive at Northumbria University, Newcastle, states: "The Woon Gallery of Asian Art at Northumbria University's City Campus houses rare and unique Asian and contemporary art, generously on loan from The Woon Foundation Collection. The gallery will open in July 2018 and will introduce a new dynamic resource for teaching, research and public engagement at Northumbria, further positioning the University at the heart of the cultural sector in the North East of England - and as a global destination for engaging with world-class art. The Gallery and works of art bring a remarkable opportunity to enrich the University's research, teaching and student opportunity, and its global profile in the Arts.”

The collection also provides the opportunity for wide and inclusive access to such unique items and through the work of the Gallery will support and explain Buddhism and the appreciation of its art, which inevitably means promoting a wider religious and cultural understanding. Similar lines of research have already begun with our partners the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas in Newcastle focusing on the nature of the sacred across the major religions and on spaces where cultures and communities can intersect.

The University has many partners and longstanding relationships in Singapore and China and this collection allows us to extend and build on those relationships through greater cultural understanding.

The Gallery and Collection will be a dynamic centre for teaching Northumbria programmes including Conservation; Fine Art; Creative Industries Management; Visual Cultures; Fashion; History; and Design. It will also be used to develop a programme of workshops and school visits, which will be supported by educational materials.

Dr. Heather Robson
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Knowledge Exchange and Engagement
Faculty Arts Design & Social Sciences



诺桑比亚大学的校长兼行政执行长 Andrew Wathey 教授表示 "云氏亚洲艺术馆设在诺桑比亚大学城市校区内,荻得云氏兄弟基金会慷慨借出一批稀有和独特的亚洲及当代艺 术品。艺术馆定于2018年7月开幕,必将成为诺桑比亚大学在教学、研究及与公众进行交流各方面的重要推手,并进一步巩固本大学作为英国东北部文化心脏的地位 - 这里就是一个接触世界一流艺术品的国际都会。云氏亚洲艺术馆及其展品是丰富大学的研究资源、 教学范围和学生视野的难得机遇,当然它也提升了大学在艺术界的国际地位。"



云氏亚洲艺术馆及其展品将会成为以下诺桑比亚大学各学系活跃的教学重心: 文物修护、美术、创意产业管理、视觉文化、时尚、历史以及设计。诺桑比亚大学也将以匕作为教 育资材,发展一系列的工作坊和学生造访活动。

Heather Robson 博士

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